NFT's are hot - and NFT's are cool. But, for better or for worse, NFT's are collectible. There needs to be a way to compose and extend NFT's so as to make them more valuable. Imagine a baseball you grabbed at the Yankee Stadium, it's cool, it's one of a kind. That's NFTs. Now imagine that same baseball, but signed by Babe Ruth. Wow, much more cool, still the same NFT. Now imagine it signed by the entire Yankees team, WHOA! Super cool! That's what we did for NFTs. Inscribe is a protocol that allows anyone to add arbitrary metadata on top of existing NFTs across any chain. On this protocol, signing costs no gas, and signatures (inscriptions) can point to any valid MIME-type at any URI! Use cases include hand written signatures, attaching trophies or badges for winning a tournament, and more! For a specific usecase, visit our authentic handwritten signatures platform at Sponsor prizes: polygon

How it's made

We used Solidity to build out our core contracts which we deployed on Polygon testnet. We used The Graph to build a subgraph of our inscriptions contract. We used Metamask for users to interact with our platform. We used NextJS + Postgres + GraphQL for our platform frontend and backend.

Technologies used