LegalNFT is a licensing agreement generator and explorer for NFT. It lets NFT minters generate a personal licensing agreement tied to their NFT. While simple, the a greement adds some much needed legal certainty for creators and allow them to focus on selling their art without being legally compromised. For NFT buyers, LegalNFT serves as Licensing agreement explorer. By providing the NFT's address and ID, they can instantly get access to its licensing agreement. This way, they can have a good glimpse of what they will own legally. It's live on ropsten !

How it's made

Everything is built in the client. To make it really smooth. I used this template to build the form ( The Pdf is generated in the client with the library pdfmake. The form checks that the user is really the NFT's creator with Opensea API. I used cryptoJS to hash the file imported in the form. Fleekstorage API is used to store the contract to an IPFS node. And web3 js to communicate with the smart contract written in solidity. The smart contract is deployed on ethereum ropsten

Technologies used