LifeCache Leave your memories around the world on an xr NFT blockchain. See your history in 2D/3D art in Immersive worldscale web based AR. Creates NFT GeoCaches of webAR content on the 3D Web app using web location tech accessing, GPS, camera, compass, gyroscope accelerometer, other sensors. Think pokemon go with videos, 3D models, and pics right from the web. WebXR + Minting ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens or XRP Purchase Wallets Works for Android/iOS - Chrome/Safari Mobile

LifeCache - You Were Here showcase

How it's made

Packages used: - Truffle / Polygon for ETH NFT Minter templates - IPFS for storage - AR.js / A-Frame / Three.js for worldscale WebXR - NEXT.js for app # Cache Usage 1. User takes photo / video / uploads media 2. Uploads to NFT mint server 3. server POST IPFS hash 4. Server pins hash and mints nft with ipfs hash 6. Server will return NFT metadata to client 7. Client displays NFT in worldscale XR interface on the web. Figma Demo:

Technologies used