We're inspired by how created a space for advertising from nothing. The problem was that when you bought some of this virtual land from the owner, you didn't have full ownership of it and couldn't re-sell it. Today with NFTs we can chop up parts of a web-page and give full ownership of that virtual space in such a way that users can make use of that space for as long as they want and eventually re-sell it. It takes the original concept to a whole new level, made possible only through NFTs.

milliondollartokenpage showcase

How it's made

We used a tutorial to deploy a fairly standard ERC721 token to rinkeby. We extended it to give the pair of us admin controls so either of us can mint NFTs. We also did this so that we can extend the contract in the future allowing either of us to "obscure" a token on the homepage if it violates some rules (we don't want anything illegal showing on our homepage or it would get taken down!). You can see this contract here: For the frontend we have a react app. We've used our own component library to make development super quick. We use web3.js and tested with metamask. Currently we just show an error if the user doesn't have metamask installed, but we will allow the user to browse without a wallet soon.

Technologies used