Long Description: This is a generative collage art NFT project based on an eclectically curated pool of assets. We use out of copyright and public domain illustrations and visual elements of the natural world. The algorithm is designed to generate unique combinations based on randomness. In detail, we introduce rarity of each asset and use the current block hash as seed on the rand.* The elements are combined in an aesthetically pleasing way by creating theme collections**. The nft contains an unlockable downloadable high resolution 300dpi print that the user can print out and display. *not yet implemented **one collection designed now: tropical showcase

How it's made

How It’s Made: The project uses Infura's IPFS API to upload a generated artwork, the URI from IPFS is stored in the minted token in our ERC721 contract on Ropsten*. The backend itself is built with Python and generates a canvas based on the assets and template we provide. Each type of asset has a random element taken from the previous block the token was created, additionally each asset has its own probability of appearance*. At this stage we have managed to generate the artwork and have planned how to build our service. *not yet implemented

Technologies used