We are building a platform for live streamers and creators that allows them to extract and sell 1-30 second video clips from their live streams. We call these clips MomeNFTs. The first streaming service we support in our MVP is Twitch. Twitch already has support for extracting clips from a live stream. The clip and its metadata is going to be stored on IPFS. The platform will also have a secondary market where creators receive royalties for subsequent trades. MomeNFTs are minted when they are first purchased, there is no need for a creator to mint and pay any fees upfront.

MomeNFT showcase

How it's made

We are using React, Drizzle, Auth0, Web3 & Metamask in the frontend. Truffle for smart contract management. Since a lot of the foundations for the UI (Metamask, Web3 handling) for this project were made during this hackathon, we didn't have enough time to finish the backend within the deadline, but we are going to use PHP & Node.js for the backend and Algolia for search. The full product is also going to have a video editor that allows to extract a timeframe from the stream. The extraction will be re-encoded into different renditions and we will use Pinata to store the metadata and hi-res video on IPFS. We started working on the foundations for the video backend.

Technologies used