MonEffTee is a platform that introduces and expands upon 4 key concepts: Evolving NFTs Blockchain induced art generation Artist driven marketplace with collaborative art Personal Portable NFT IoT Display MonEffTee allows a user to mint a unique monster created through a proprietary generation process using commissioned NFT artist assets. Upon trade, “Monfters” change their appearance by acquiring even more attributes and becoming even more valuable as they’re traded. We plan to build an entire platform that allows artists to contribute their unique ideas and styles into one-of-a-kind creature generation that facilitates interest and accrues value not just for MonEffTees, but NFTs in general. Additionally, we have discovered a path to creating a physical hardware device that not only displays the NFT, in a portable, personal way, but also interacts with the blockchain and updates the NFTs bringing a true IoT experience to NFTs. We see this as an opportunity for more people to get involved in NFTs and have a personal connection with their NFTs in a more physical way, and drive value in the space with rare collectibles and one of a kind collaborations between NFT artists. More than just a random number generator, we source assets from NFT artists and build a completely unique creature.

How it's made

We deployed a smart contract that stores each Monfters DNA code. That DNA code is interpreted by our web app to build an image of a unique monster by combining specially formatted art assets into a on-of-a-kind. Any time the token is traded, its DNA mutates, which might result in a minor adjustment or a new rare attribute to the visual, potentially making your NFT more (or less!) valuable. We used Hardhat and React to build our dapp. We interface with Metamask to facilitate transactions. We used many standard media production tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, to create image assets. We explored using the Arduino development kit, python, along with Huzzah Feather hardware and miniature TFT LCD displays but due to time constraints and hardware availability, were not able to get very far with this section of the project. We were however able to select proper hardware based on our development plans for the software that will communicate with the blockchain and display the NFT.

Technologies used