Simple NFT minter


This project is a simplified NFT minter. Using the scripts/metadata-maker.js file, the user can easily input the attributes of their NFT, including name, image, and description. This file outputs to a nft-metadata.json that can be uploaded to IPFS or a centralized server to get a tokenURI. Once the user has uploaded their tokenURI and has a link to it, they can run scripts/mint-nft.js and enter the tokenURI when prompted to mint their NFT. You can view the NFT smart contract here:

How it's made

- coded in Solidity to make MyBeeple.sol (an smart contract) - used HardHat to deploy NFT smart contract to Ropsten test network and upload it to Etherscan - leveraged Alchemy Web3 to interact with MyBeeple.sol and mint NFTs - it was a huge learning experience as I don't have much javascript experience!