NFTStamps is DApp to tokenize stamps, their real-world value, eliminating issues associated with separate token issuance, and adding denomination as par value. Stamps are a real-world asset with a proven value that can be tokenized in NFT format. Stamps have several important properties: * They are issued by states and have a denomination; * They are widely known as collectibles; * They are issued in large quantities. There are NFT stamps already available, but, in our opinion, there are still several problems associated with their release. For instance: * Each stamp from each issued batch is a separate token. * The cost of issuing/transferring / selling / buying such tokens can exceed the cost of the token itself several times. * Issuing / transferring / selling a large number of stamps requires a lot of time and incurs significant transaction fees. * Many NFTs are listed for sale on marketplaces, but are not in demand, and it is difficult to find them among the vast number of other tokens on the market. Our application solves these issues in the following way. Instead of individual stamps, we use collections for each stamp / collection and add a denomination that can be made liquid. Collections: Each NFT token from a collection contains numerous separate NFT stamps. Users can store, transfer, sell and buy many NFT stamps as one token. Users can, at any time, transform the stamp they need into a separate NFT token and use it independently. The use of collections saves time and money spent on transferring and using NFTs separately. Denomination: * Each stamp has its own denomination. Users can, at any time, exchange the NFT stamp or a whole collection for ERC-20 tokens at par value. * Users can sell these tokens on DEXs, use them in LPs (liquidity pools) and other DeFi instruments. * They can purchase another stamp using these tokens. * The use of par value opens up great opportunities for the use of NFTs in the DeFi sector. For more information follow the link

NFT Stamp Collections showcase

How it's made

- Web app - Loades stamps and collections data into IPFS. Generate Merkle Tree using stamps as leaves and calculate the Merkle Tree root. - Collections contract - ERC721-based contract. Mints collections using the root, denomination, and collection data. Detaches and join single stamps. Verifies proof using Merkle contract. - Stamps contracts - ERC721-based contract. Mints and burns single stamps. - Depository contract - ERC20-based contract. Changes stamps and collections on tokens by their denomination. - Factory contract - deploys new stamps and depository contracts. - IPFS contains information about collections and their stamps. This project allows to mint post stamps collection as a single NFT which contains info about included stamps. Also, Users can detach a stamp from the collection and mint individual NFT. Uses Merkle Tree proof as proof of existing the stamp in the collection Change your collections and stamps on erc20 tokens by their denomination

Technologies used