The experience of buying and selling an NFT shouldn't have to be a one-time interaction - it should open doors for connections and conversations between creators and curators. With NFTChat, you can instantly join an exclusive online community for each NFT you have owned in the past or present, in the form of a dedicated end-to-end-encryptied chat on

How it's made

Keybase teams are similar to Discord servers or Slack workspaces, but based on cryptographic identities. NFTChat is implemented as a Keybase bot running on a Node.js server that automatically authenticates users' wallet addresses and adds them to the sub-teams and channels they are eligible for. Simply start a direct message chat with NFTChatBot in the Keybase app and use the bot commands to authenticate your Ethereum wallet address by providing a signature. Once you're authenticated, the bot will query a variety of APIs (including Covalent, The Graph, Rarible, Niftex and more) to find NFTs and associated metadata from across your wallet's transaction history. For a given NFT you own (or have owned in the past), you'll be given the ability to create or join a chatroom with: 1) your NFT's creator only 2) all current and past owners of your NFT, including the creator 3) all current and past owners of an NFT from your NFT's collection/smart contract 4) all current and past owners of any NFT minted by your NFT's creator Since each chatroom is a cryptographically distinct subteam on Keybase, members can make use of various Keybase features including sharing files on a private folder on Keybase Filesystem (KBFS).

Technologies used