NFT tokenization of Wikipedia pages to help funding their services


This project intents to tokenize Wikipedia pages as tradeable NFT Art. The Art generation is inspired by Proof of Beauty, as would be the distribution process through genesis minting of a given number. All funds received and any royalties received will be sent to the Wikipedia foundation to support their services. Welcome to NFTpedia, the unique encyclopedia!

NFTpedia showcase

How it's made

Unfortunately, we didn't find any backend developer so we've just started to develop the design, frontend, and solidity part. For the logo, we used Photoshop, for the website a mix of HTML, CSS, and JS. The idea is to have a homepage where you can see currently interesting Wikipedia pages and where you can put the URL of a Wikipedia page to see if is already minted or remains mintable. We intend to use the parameters of the given Wikipedia page as inputs for the Art Generation. We also used the hardhack hackathon template, the OpenZeppelin ERC721 Contract Library and ethers.js to make a miny mint sample with the url of a Wikipedia page as data payload.

Technologies used