The goal of this hackathon project is to enable payments with NFTs: Exchanging goods with goods. TECHNICAL DETAILS: - Fetch buy order books (bids) from OpenSea - Scan user wallets for liquifiable NFTs - Display NFT representations within a widget, so people know what they are using as a means of payment - Liquidate and route tokens on-chain

NFTs as means of payment showcase

How it's made

We are scanning opensea to find liquifiable NFTs, then present them in DePays widget and settle the NFT orders onchain using DePays router to use them as means of payment. The time was short so we didn't manage to actually settle the payment transaction using an existing bit on an NFT order on OpenSea. All of DePay's widget and routing technology already existed before, part of this hackathon submission extending DePay's technology with NFTs.

Technologies used