Nifty - a marketplace for Twitch users, who value collecting rare moments.


In the streaming platform Twitch, a massive amount of casual content pushes the cool moments into the shadows, meaning that countless legendary moments get lost fast! With Nifty, the streamers can create special NFTs and save these awesome moments in to the blockchain, forever. This gives opportunity for content creators to make money, while their fans can collect historic marvels that gain value in time!

How it's made

This project has two parts - frontend and backend. Frontend part is build with react, redux is used for data store, styles are handled by styled-components and some small components are taken from material-ui. Later I'm planning to migrate onto Next.js for SSR and SEO improvements. Backend is built on NodeJS using express and routing controllers for dependency injection and routing. Mongodb for persistent data, passport for authentication, for IPFS and Zora for minting.