Pownft graph

A subgraph for the PowNFT project which allows users to query the contract and use that data to display the NFT without associated metadata


This project allows a user to query the hash and id of any PowNFT and render that NFT offline without the associated metadata URI. This works because the hash and id act as a seed for generating the NFT metadata which is done using JS. So if you are able to query those using the Graph then you can build a gallery or figure out rarity by computing the attributes of mined NFT's offline instead of relying on the URI metadata. I would like to expand on this project by building a simple react app that pulls in ID's + Hash's and displays the NFT's in a tile grid which is able to be sorted. I'm a noobie developer and realize this project isn't very advanced but I had fun experimenting with The Graph and trying to wrap my head around the mining and minting of the PowNft project.

Pownft graph showcase

How it's made

I deployed a subgraph that tracks the PowNFT contract and allows a user to query data to display their NFT offline. I didn't want to rely on hosted metadata for displaying the NFT so to do this so I forked the NFT generation code which works by using the token id, a hash of the miner's address + previous hash + nonce to generate attributes for the NFT.

Technologies used