Create a hardware device, that captures the unique digital footprint of any object and records it in the NFT for validating its authenticity. In this way, we solve the problem between NFT and the authenticity of the redeemable physical objects. The application is useful from art items to validating the authenticity of sneakers. Our test subject will be “Cyber Eau De Parfum” and with NIR (near-infrared spectroscopy) sensor we’ll extract a digital footprint of the fragrance and record it in the NFT token. After that, we’ll run tests with several other “counterfeit” fragrances in the same bottle and check which one is authentic and matching the digital footprint in the token. After the hack, 10 digitized “fragrances” will be available at with the digital copy of the scent and redeemable physical ones / the first NFT digital fragrance /

How it's made

Using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) we'll extract spectroscopy data of a physical object and process it in a big data server. After that, we'll record this digital footprint in the NFT token. Using a mobile/browser app we'll try to match the data with the authentic item. From the extracted digital scent we designed NFT artwork and the first "digital scent".

Technologies used

EthereumIPFSFigmaAdobe PremiereSketch