Nifty toolbox is focused on mainstream minting of NFTs, through an intuitive, secure, and low cost experience. The goal is to make the NFT minting process seamless for both crypto power users and newcomers, while driving mainstream adoption to everyday users. To accomplish this, we built an alpha for minting TikTok videos. We came up with an innovative authorization pattern using ENS to make sure only the Tik Tok user can mint their own videos as NFT, reducing the risk of others taking advantage of their work. It doubles as also viral promotional marketing for the NFT space. For the technology, we use polygon for low cost, efficient NFT minting. Arweave for permanent storage and Pinata to manage IPFS. ENS is used for identity and the authorization pattern.

Rare Coders | Nifty toolbox showcase

How it's made

Polygon network for low cost, efficient NFT minting. React frontend Arweave for permanent storage Pinata to manage on IPFS ENS to handle identity On TikTok we use ENS in the bio to handle authorization to mint videos associated to that user. We associate the video ID with the account, so only those that add their ENS in their TikTok bio can mint those videos, which adds an authorization layer.

Technologies used