An augmented reality NFT marketplace built on top of Rarible protocol to elevate 3D art to first class citizenship. Currently there are no AR NFT platforms. This is the first attempt to build something, and to build it smartly on top of an already existing marketplace. Also, the nature of 3D/AR may allow for composability in the future via ERC998.

Rare Volumes showcase

How it's made

This was a real rip and run from an application stand point. Pure utility. It is built correctly from a code point of view but lacks in visual fidelity of the UI, something I normally specialize in. Minting and getting the items does work, but did not have time to do the buying/selling unfortunately. I simulate the buying of the NFT via the banner click in the AR quick view. The iOS QuickView only allows for 1 query param - had to hack that to death. Technologies: Ethereum IPFS iOS AR QuickView HTML5/CSS3/JS React + Next.js Typescript USDZ GLTF

Technologies used