Over 50 marketplaces. Each with thousands of NFTs. And this is just the start. Millions of people are now starting to own digital assets from brands, creators, and marketplaces like NBA Top Shot, Foundation, Hashmasks, OpenSea & more. There are dozens of marketplace solutions where these collectibles can be found, but collections are about enjoying and showcasing, not just transacting. River is the gallery that aims to bring together all your digital assets, across wallets. Curate, showcase, and enjoy.

River - your digital collection showcase

How it's made

Demo is powered by Blitz.js, Chakra UI, Firebase, OpenSea API, and Formatic wallet connection. We also have active prototypes using Dapper Lab's Flow APIs. Right now we're directly piping asset data from 3rd party APIs to the UI - but our goal is to connect multiple wallet addresses and cache asset data in our own profile services, to create the real cross-wallet provider connective tissue.

Technologies used