We want to make it dead simple for someone to showcase their NFT collection on a site all their own! Rodeo is a static site generator that loads up an ETH address, pulls down all the tokens, and then builds a nice-looking gallery with a theme of your choosing. Upload the site wherever you'd like!

Rodeo showcase

How it's made

Upon running the `npx giddyup` command, we set up a project on your local machine that's ready to get started—complete with a local dev server with hot module reloading. When you run Rodeo (yarn dev) it first asks for a wallet address. From there all NFT assets are automatically fetched from the OpenSea API, including all metadata. All token meta is stored in a clean and usable JSON. After all the data has been loaded, the static site will generate along with a minimal theme (which can also be customized). After the site has been generated it can be deployed virtually anywhere as it's just static HTML/CSS/JS—including but not limited to IPFS, Netlify, AWS, and any other hosting provider. Technologies used: - Node.js - Learna.ja - Handlebars - Eleventy - TailwindCSS APIs used: - OpenSea - Piñata - IPFS

Technologies used