We wanted to build a markeplace where bloggers can sell NFTs of their blog posts. This would reward buyers for identifying talented new writers or for finding pieces that will turn out to be considered classics. A marketplace like this will help fans support bloggers and create a market to estimate the quality of writers’ ideas and the possibility of their lasting impact. Blog posts are auctioned off during a period whose length the blogger gets to choose. We authenticate that the blogger is really who they say they are be verifying them using the email address on the blog website. This way, buyers can be confident that they're purchasing an authentic and exclusive right to the blog post.

Scholar.Market showcase

How it's made

We built a marketplace of ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity. Bloggers must be authenticated by us in order to create new NFTs in our marketplace. We store the NFT metadata using IPFS on NFT Storage. This way, there is no centralized point of failure which could destroy the NFT content. We store the URL of the blog post in the metadata order to identify it. To make sure that the content of the NFT is not erased if the URL is changed or the blog post is taken down, we push the url to’s Wayback Machine and store a timestamp for when we did so. We use Firebase to store information on whether the blogger is authenticated. Buyers and resellers don’t need to be signed up with us in order to make a transaction. We used React on the front end.

Technologies used