Digital NFT album drop platform with on-chain graphical autograph attached to album NFTs! Album drop is done on a Uniswap pool as an IDO. Each token (1 $CRANK) can be redeemed for 1 signable ERC721NFT. An autograph registrar smart contract that tracks the signings and store the handwritten autograph on-chain at Polygon (Matic). Signatures include text and a graphical signature that's replayable (like nifty ink).

SouljaDrop showcase

How it's made

Made on Polygon, Uniswap, React, with a sprinkle of ENS. We are storing data on Polygon instead of IPFS so the data lives forever. We also forked some Nifty Ink code for the graphical signature frontend. The token trades on a uniswap pool similar to unisocks. But instead of redeeming for something physical, it's redeemed for a signed NFT with digital music and community platform access.

Technologies used