Reality Cards is an upcoming hybrid prediction market and NFT platform- you don't bet on an outcome, you own it. It is not new for this hackathon, it has been in the works for a long time. For more information, see our landing page For this hackathon we are integrating the superfluid code which takes care of a lot of heavy lifting. Although the contracts are new, we are using the existing Reality Cards frontend (which is currently closed source).

Super Reality Cards showcase

How it's made

We were astonished to discover that by using the SuperFluid libraries and an existing time auction also built by SuperFluid, we were able to recreate the fundamental components of our protocol in a single weekend! We start off with a factory contract which creates market contracts (i.e. a market for the event 'will Super Reality Cards win a prize'). Each market contract then deploys a unique instance of a modified version of the above time auction for each Card (i.e. outcome). We hooked this up to our existing frontend, but modified it so that when a Card is 'rented' the frontend initiates a stream to the Card contract. We also experimented with SuperFluid's distribution/dividends mechanism which is the perfect tool for paying the 'winners' at the end of the event :)

Technologies used