This idea is based on the article "NFTs and a Thousand True Fans" from Chris Dixon. Truefans is like web3 Patreon. This platform let fans to support creator using an automated recurring real time payment (every seconds) and get unique generated NFT depending on the length of their subscription. Early supporters get higher tier badges that they can show off later. Creators don't need to wait till end of month to get paid. User first needs to open a stream on Superfluid This will create a Constant Flow Agreement between the creator and fan and allow constant streams of token every second without the use of gas. Fan can cancel the stream anytime. Once the user has created a token stream to the creator, it will show up the detail on the TrueFans dashboard. Depending on the start time of the token flow, the user can redeem unique token with different tier. The contract inherit constantFlowAgreement from superfluid and will get the startTime of the stream and the length of the stream will determine which tier of ERC1155 NFT to mint. This web app only works on Goerli network and it's live on Feel free to test it out yourself Future roadmap: Integrate circle payment api to allow user to on ramp easier. Allow user to stake the NFT badge which can generate tokens to redeem physical merch from creator

How it's made

Smart contract SuperMinter.sol This leveraged the Constant Flow Agreement from Superfluid. Superfluid is a smart contract framework on EVM-compatible networks, enabling you to move assets on-chain following predefined rules called agreements. With a single on-chain tx, the money will flow from your balance to the receiver in real time! No other tx required works like magic. The fans can call SuperMinter and it can mint a TrueFansNFT depending on "timeSinceStarted" of the money flow. TrueFansNFT.sol The NFT is using ERC1155 with tier, rarity, and series characteristic. I used remix to deploy the smart contract. Front end The UI is built with React and web3. Used @superfluid-finance/js-sdk to get the token stream information and web3 to check the balance of the NFT. The site is deployed using netlify

Technologies used