An NFT is just the beginning of a story, not the end. In this project, we turn an NFT into a DAO by fractionalizing the NFT creating social tokens available for purchase from a continuous issuance bonding curve ( embedded in the NFT itself. The purchased social tokens will be used as tribute into a DAO where token holders will vote on which creators to back. Creators will exchange their social tokens for funding from the DAO. Imagine a future where the DAO grows into an incubator for sustaining upcoming tokenized creators. This is the mash-up we want to exist in the world - NFT as an org. Imagine nested NFTs as a network of DAOs.

Universal Creator Income showcase

How it's made

We used a bonding curve from For the DAO, we used MolochV3 from We did not have time to optimize the code so the sharding contract that locks the NFT just has references to the bonding curve and the DAO implementation as separate contracts. We plan to have the bonding curve and DAO be all self-contained with the locked NFT and wrapped as an NFT itself so that it can be sold and nested and re-wrapped in other NFTs creating a network of NFT-DAOs. Finally we did not have time to create a "buy out" feature that unlocks the NFT. There would be bids that if the DAO members agree to would wind down the DAO, allowing members to burn their DAO shares in exchange for a proportional share of the winning bid.