**What is this?** WhaleShow is a dapp that enables super fans to bid on NFTs that are attached to actual live events in the real world. The winner of an auction receives ownership rights to the show and can mint non-fungible tickets (NFTs😉) that can be traded or redeemed for access to the show. The live show happens on a given date, location, and terms that are mutually agreed upon by the winner and the performer. **Why buidl this?** A major problem for artists is that they lack proper insight to gauge demand and maximize ticket sales. The ticketing industry is dominated by middle men and, as a result, artists are totally disconnected from their loyal fans. This solution is a step in the direction of creating a fan participation platform that can help better determine optimal ticket prices, and when and where the artist should perform. The long term goal of this project is to decentralize the booking process for large scale concert tours, but for this hackathon we started small with underplays, or what we call “Whale Shows”. “Whale Shows” are customized underplays (or private shows) designed by auction winners who receive ownership rights to an artist’s performance. These shows fill gaps in an artist’s calendar to maximize earnings while creating once in a life time experiences for super fans. Memories live on forever through NFT’s specific to that Whale Show.

WhaleShow showcase

How it's made

Buidled using scaffold-eth's buyer-mints-nft branch. Storing media on IPFS. First, whales bid on NFTs that grant them ownership of an artist’s performance. Winners can issue ERC1155 tokens as tickets that can be traded, or redeemed for access to the live event. Shows occur for given a date/location/terms that the winner and artist mutually agree on. Everyone gets refunded if the artist decides to NOT go ahead with the show. Everyone who does attend the show gets a special NFT badge (POAP).

Technologies used