A port of Zora's SDK into the Polygon that essentially allows creators and programmers to do everything they already love about Zora, from minting NFTs using the same commands they would use for the Ethereum network with verification and all, as well as sett up bids in whatever token they want (as long as they are in the Mumbai network) but in Polygon's network in order to benefit from higher TPS and LOWER GAS FEES!!!!!

Zoragon showcase

How it's made

This project uses Polygon's Mumbai Testnet in order to demonstrate the proof of concept, which is that of porting the Zora protocol over to Matic. By doing so, developers can start interacting with Zora on Polygon (Mumbai Testnet) to create their own marketplaces using the zora protocol on a L2 solution, giving programmers more flexibility on the networks they want to use/support, as well as lowering the barrier o entry for creators by saving them money on gas fees.

Technologies used