I'm really new to developing on the Ethereum, so I wanted to use this hackathon as on opportunity to learn. This project is a really lightweight starter kit for building Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces on the Zora protocol. My goal was to make it really easy to developers, both inexperienced and experienced to get something up and running as quickly as possible. Using this starter kit, you will have a blazing fast website which gives you the ability to mint, auction, and showcase your NFT tokens. "zOrbs" (short for "zora orbs") is a live demo using this starter kit which I have deployed to Vercel. There are 3 main pages: 1. Home This is a showcase of all NFTs which have been minted by an artist of my choosing. The developer just needs to specify which token address they want to showcase. 2. Item View Here we can a more detailed view on the NFT, such as the bidding history, and we are also able to participate in the Zora auction. 3. Minting If you are the owner or the curator of the website, you have access to the "mint" page which allows you to mint your NFT on the Zora protocol from this page.

zOrbs  showcase

How it's made

This project is really lightweight, and only uses widely used open source packages. These include: Zora ZDK NFTs are minted on the Zora protocol using the official Zora ZDK. The Graph All data for this application is fetched using GraphQL using the Zora SubGraph. Next.js A very popular open-source framework for React. Zora and Foundation are both built on Next.js. Tailwind CSS The very few styles on this website have been written using the popular open-source framework tailwind.

Technologies used