3.CLUB aims to bridge the IRL business owners with NFT groups, artists, brands by providing a Utility-as-a-Service platform where events tickets could be easily issued and managed. As artists, collectives and brands sell out NFTs drops, 3.Club adds tremendous value to their NFT holders by introducing airdrops and giveaways to claim physical merch like hoodies, toys, figurines, concert tickets, drinks at a bar, anything IRL you can think of that is redeemable against the NFT. Take LA-based artist Tristan Eaton, who recently launched and sold out 5000 unique NFTs of his generative art project G.E.M.M.A. Our product will enable 100 G.E.M.M.A. NFT holders to claim premium limited-edition hoodies. Holding (and wearing, duh!) a G.E.M.M.A. Hoodie will make you eligible for previews, sneak peeks, pre-orders and giveaways featuring upcoming digital and physical work by Tristan Eaton. NFTs are as valuable as the community backing them and our product generates tremendous value for communities. By connecting artists and brands with collectors and fans, we are enabling a continuing relationship between the two while bridging the NFT to IRL gap. 3.Club benefits the artist and brands by building loyalty to existing NFT holders while bringing in more loyal collectors and fans providing instant utilities for NFT projects and their holders in real life. How it works: NFT holders will log in and verify their identities by connecting their mobile wallets with 3.Club to gain access to claim and use their airdropped products or services as IRL assets. To provide such rewards, artists, brands and business owners target a limited selection of NFT holders tier-wise as VIP+ or random selection and so on by issuing physical products and services (hoodies, t-shirts, event tickets, bar drink, concert tickets, etc.) redeemable against their NFTs without worrying about the key and wallet management. Demo video:

3.Club showcase

How it's made

Utilizing Next.js to build frontend with WalletConnect for mobile wallet support. The smart contract behind is utilizing thirdweb smart contract Typescript SDK to create and deploy ERC721 contract on Polygon. The login is using firebase auth SDK to support Google login before logging the wallet address from mobile wallet. After logged in, the users’ NFT collection info will be collected via OpenSea API. There’s also checking for ENS name registered under the connected wallet address. client: portal: