Often, while meeting new people in discord, collectors and gamers want to trade assets between each other, but there is always that looming issue of trust. Alice: “What if Bob never sends his asset to me after I’ve sent mine?” ABSwap intends to solve this issue by providing trustless batch NFT swapping. Where larger auction/marketplaces for NFTs are for trading currencies for NFTS, ABSwap allows Alice and Bob to trade a CryptoPunk for 3 BYAC without the worries of getting scammed. Bob can even sweeten the deal by adding a honeypot of crypto!

ABSwap showcase

How it's made

Utilized discord for communications, separated duties and had hourly updates. For the smart contract, after a few circles about understanding the actual assignment, I got tips from Austin Griffith and Mentor Jeff Wentworth, Used OpenZeppelin Docs and several iterations.The front end uses Moralis's eth-boilerplate. It's quite fun to use and looks like a game UI. It's deployed onto netlify with gh continuous integration.