Turn your project into an NFT and monetize it today.


Arcanar is a decentralized application that aims to solve a big problem for project owners. Monetizing your project & raising money for it has been one of the hardest things a founder has to do. Takes all energy and focus. By turning their projects into NFTs, founders can monetize them very fast & also help other people to buy/sell their NFTs so they can profit as well. Raising investment is so hard. Even successfully convincing investors to put money in or even after you do, the process & bureaucracy are a pain. By Fractionalizing their NFTs project owners can allow everyone, no matter what the investment is to jump on and participate in their project as shareholders.

How it's made

From a client-side, the DApp is built on ReactJS. It is deployed on the Polygon Network, to take advantage of the PoS consensus and the low gas fees (meta transaction -> 0 fees ;) ). From the backend side, the smart contract is written in Solidity, and we use the ERC1155 standard in order to allow a fungible & non-fungible functionality of the tokens. Currently, only the NFT is available. You can see the roadmap in our landing page. For data storage we use IPFS (, Integrated with a Metamask wallet & we use libraries such as Web3JS The smart contract development is done using Truffle.