ArcLands are a limited number of virtual lands which are present on-chain, each land is an NFT that acts as a showcase and can be operated by an individual or a DAO NFT Holders, creators, and artists can rent out areas on these lands and place their artwork which is accessible to everyone. These artists use these common lands as a way to showcase their artwork and attract a wider audience and in return, the artist of the holder pays back the landowner in the form of rent; Unlike wallet or other kinds of NFT showcases, ArcLands give a more interactive and secure way of showcasing your NFTS driven by the community These lands are open to innovation upon and features such as private auctions, DAO-controlled NFT showcases, etc can be easily built. What Problems does it try to solve? - - The assets placed on these lands are approved by the owners/DAO controlling the land which somewhat filters out unethical dealers; - Since space on each land is limited, only a selected number of artworks can be placed for a certain duration on the land; hence it forces the owners to bring provide a better quality of the artwork to their lands or support the projects they believe in What’s Next - - Superfluid Money Streams for paying rents. - Support for live streams - DAO’s as landowners - Adding multiplayer support and allowing interaction between folks - Auctions can happen on ArcLands [IDEAS++]

ARCLand showcase

How it's made

The Maps(TileMaps) are generated programmatically and run on the Phaser Game Engine on the frontend all written in TypeScript The Contracts are written in Solidity + Hardhat Deployed on Polygon Testnet (0xdb1efe62e0c9b737b80bafd450f63eb3c5aed8f6) Static Assets are from ( StackOverflow Coffe Sleepless-nights