Bl3nd is a dapp in which you can mix 2 of your NFTs (from any collection) and they will become a Super Rare new one. The base NFTs will be locked, supporting your newly minted NFT until you decide not to. At that moment, you can burn the new one and get back the originals. The new NFT can be transferred and sold in marketplaces, as any NFT around! We think this is the beginning of a journey of bl3nding NFTs for different purposes: 1. *Fun, Experiment, Interoperate*: we built the Bl3nd NFTs with the possibility for them to become a card game itself, but possibilities are endless: mix your CryptoPunk with a CryptoKart and get an entrance ticket to NFT Kart Racing metaverse! 2. *Rarity & Speculation*: some collectors may want to sell their CryptoPunk+BAYC super rare Bl3nd as it could be worth more than the 2 isolated NFTs. 3. *DeFi + NFT*: earn ERC20 rewards while locking your base NFTs into our contracts. Also, bl3nd your uniswap v3 positions into just one “basket”. 4. *Practicality*: You want to move around your NFT collections and Uniswap V3 positions in an easier way: Bl3nd them all and move them around as just one item. Creativity is the limit for Bl3nd’s use cases! Bl3nd surged from a team of contributors to the Wake Up DAO in the search of giving more utility to the NFTs. We think that interoperability is key to the success of web3. We’ve seen money LEGOs in the DeFi space. Here we have the NFTs, but still, not much “LEGOing” around. Let’s Bl3nd them!

Bl3nd showcase

How it's made

* Bl3nder smart contract made from scratch using Solidity * Deployed to Polygon mainnet * React JS dapp * Node JS backend * Moralis API integration to fetch nfts metadata * The art is trading cards style with the info of the traits. --- The application is made in 3 modules: - Smart contracts. There are 3 contracts, the Bl3nd NFT that allows anyone to merge two NFTs of their choice. When the user approves two of their NFTs to this contract and merges them, a new contract called Bl3ndDeed is created and appropriates these NFTs, and finally a BL3ND is minted to the user. This Deed has two rules: you can reverse (unblend) the fusion and recovere the two fused NFTs (only the BL3ND token owner can do this) or seal the BL3ND by burning the two chosen NFTs. The third contract is the Bl3nd Crypt, where all the NFTs ever burned go. In addition, we built a contract factory of NFT contracts to do different tests. We use solidity, open zeppelin and truffle - Backend: we use the backend for two purposes. First, we use it to collect user's NFTs metadata from Moralis, and second we use it to calculate and store the resulting traits of the blended NFT - this calculation is based on the traits of the two initial NFTs. - Frontend: a nice dApp that allows anyone to play with the blending functionality and collect new NFTs. This app collects the initial traits from the backend and the ownership of the tokens from the blockchain, and allows to perform the three steps: approve both tokens and blend them. It also allows to deploy some testing NFTs (BAYC and Doodles) that the user will own.