A simple election system written in solidity! This system solves the issue of voter transparency by running elections on the blockchain. By running an election on the blockchain, a decentralized and auditable election is able to take place. It's also very simple, so it's easy to implement onto websites and other apps. Imagine Twitter polls but on the blockchain!

Blockchain Elections showcase

How it's made

As a beginner to web3, I had very little experience with implementing smart contracts. Because of this, I decided to use Solidity to create this contract. It's a very simple but secure program. I was very happy with what I built, especially because it is the first project I ever built on web3. I wanted to implement a function that allows users to mint an "I voted" NFT but I wasn't able to get the code for it running and I ran out of time. I also had issues running the server to host the Javascript frontend, so I was only able to finish the smart contract.