There is a different light for NFTs, being a public record, NFTs properties are ideal to proof accountability. Today, it might not be relevant. But as more nad more creators begin shifting their fundraising and awareness efforts towards NFTs, it's going to become a measure of your work, your success and your commitment. The NFT market still forming, but the idea of NFT being something else beyond speculation is many steps ahead. Howevere, the moment that one of these creators use NFT as a proof of work, the NFT becomes a status symbol, the moment a course or certificate in th real world correlates to the NFTs we want to hold in the digital world. The Dapp is an easy solution for Creators, Social Projects and Cohort Based Courses to expand on ownership, participations and community. Currenlty there are numerous opportunities to get better, but what if we could proof and share our immutbale badges? Turn your interest and time commitment into a proof of work NFT. Some examples of existing platform/courses: - Maven - Writing Courses (eg. or The Writting Passage) - Monthly - Buildspace View of the future: What if the NFT’s could then be become staked even into the project to earn reputation/social currency within the movement. The tokens could be non financial but instead leverage all kinds of interesting rewards.

Challengy showcase

How it's made

We used Polygon as a chain, NFTPort for uploading into IPFS when the NFT is minted we swap Matic for DAI in Uniswap, earn interest in AAVE and then begin streaming the tokens to the challenger using Superfluid. We also integrated Moralis API for the deployment into polygon and finally IPFS for NFT storage.