Creativerse is a Minecraft server that allows you to own plots of land as ERC-721s (aka NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. All the blockdata about your plot of land is saved as an IPFS hash on chain, which means that you can access your plot on any server running the Creativerse plugin. This means that anyone (even you!) can run a Creativerse server, fully synced to the blockchain. No matter what you build, it cannot be censored.

Creativerse (Minecraft on Ethereum) showcase

How it's made

This project uses IPFS and NFT.Storage to store the block data of each plot of land, and stores the IPFS hash in an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The Minecraft server uses Web3J to get the NFT IPFS hash and paste what is stored on IPFS into the Minecraft plot. There was also plans to pin the data on NFT.Storage, but unfortunately I couldn't find anyone with knowledge in using the IPFS Java library to help me out with this when I ran into issues. It also uses Minecraft Spigot, Worldedit, and PlotSquared to help with the Minecraft side of things. There is also a website just for sending transactions to the blockchain, made with pure JS and HTML.