Creep Kids NFT Polygon Extension

Verify Asset ownership on ETH from polygon to build game layer for NFT Collection


Creep Kid ( is an NFT collection of 1000 unique characters that was released December 22, 2021. Now I would like to start building a game layer for this collection. Creep Kids live on the ETH network, however we would like the game layer to run on polygon. For the hackathon we built an asset verification system using the fxPortal state transfer contracts ( This allows users who own a Creep Kid NFT on ETH to collect 100 fractionalized tokens on polygon based on the NFT they own. These fractionalized tokens can then be used to play games that will be made in the future.

Creep Kids NFT Polygon Extension showcase

How it's made

Creep Kid development stack is currently hardhat, solidity, web3.js, and react. To accomplish the hackathon goal we used the polygon fxPortal The project was succesfull and contracts have been deployed on goerli/mumbai testnets. Please see the repo here: