Dbeats is a complete ecosystem for content creators on Blockchain it lets users to post creative contents like video, music, pictures & sell them as NFTs on the Marketplace. Creators can create a multistream to more than 3 platforms parallely from a list of 25+ platforms like YT,Facebook, Twitch,etc. Mint video NFTs from an ongoing livestream & earn royalties from them. Creators can have all of their community at a single place where they can communicate using Text & Voice channels. Watch Videos, play music & browse like other regular social media platforms.

DBeats showcase

How it's made

🙌Dbeats provided livestreaming using the Livepeer protocol, WebRTC to record & extract selective part of video during livestream for NFT minting. 👌Superfans can buy monthly subscriptions over the Superfluid protocol using the MATICx token on Polygon Mumbai testnet. DBeats stores its content on IPFS which greatly reduces the cost for storing & managing storage servers.