We firmly believe that reading books not just provide information or short-time learnings but alleviate gaining expertise and thus are more impactful overall. Authors can self publish books, even anonymously, having all freedom and no censorship over the content. It is easier to control market supply and the revenue from sales is directly sent into his/her wallet. Also, they receive 20% compensation for every exchange whenever it occurs. Books can also be distributed for free, whether to publicize or as a donation. Readers can buy directly from Authors. As the books are being self-published, authors can earn better even by offering books at cheaper prices. Readers can sell books that are less likely to be read again in future and regain 80% of the original book cost. Readers get an inbuilt native ebook reader and do not require to use of any other dedicated software. Upcoming Milestones : - Author's dashboard and profile - Searching and Filtering for Books & Authors - Ability to connect with Authors

DeBooki showcase

How it's made

Decentralised Services (Ether.js and communication with Smart Contract). Smart Contracts are deployed on Polygon Mumbai Testnet and Harmony Testnet Shared 0. This project uses, - NextJs to design the frontend and Typescript for backend - Web3Modal for the wallet connect - NFT IPFS storage and metadata.json and YES we are storing the NFT data on IPFS through - Rent NFT Book with the help of Superfluid Flow Lending Agreement We also mint NFTs to OpenSea and use a polygon network for lower gas fees.