The app will use a popular pixel based NFT as a starting point for a new custom token that can be minted within the dapp. The 'ancestor' token will get fixed fee/tip on the mint via Smart Contract. The dapp will make it possible to only mint unique asset by checking agains existing or minted tokens and will not allow duplicates to get minted. All minted tokens will build up "tribe line" of each "ancestor" and will be tracked on a dedicated dashboard. The final version will support pixel based assets on any chain. To make the creative process really special, assets will have constrains in size (24x24) and number of colors that can be used. This will make whole process simple and will create some kind of cap on total amount. The goal of the project to make whole NFT space more approachable, accessible for growing community of web3 users. showcase

How it's made

This project will use React js for actual editor of the asset. Every picture created will have option to get minted on Ethereum (or other chains) via our smart contract or some available service (still evaluating). Every base asset and minted asset will be saved as simple 24x24 matrix in MongoDB instance and used to check every following asset on uniques. We use Moralis to upload the metadata to IPFS. OpenSea was a big part since we would have had to find another marketplace for our NFT and without the API we wouldn't have out Catalog of punks to choose from. Polygon is also a major player since the high fees on ethereum would have been a big nono. We have not yet but are planning to intereagate with ENS so that users can easily set it as their profile picture.