A decentralized PaaS for DAO and Metaverse founders to connect Web3 with their ideas. dPaaS is also the symbol for the platform's ERC1155 standard NFT. NFTs are not just pictures and videos, they should be able to represent anything. Our vision is for NTB to become a PaaS for the metaverse and web3, similar to how App Store Ecosystem is an important platform for Apple.

dPaaS showcase

How it's made

pinata(IPFS), Polygon api server to return user data discord bot server to interact with user ethersjs in nodejs moralis( crypto Login, token, cloud function ) vue3, tailwindcss chainlink (to make the DiscordTicket Contract with 10% payment send to random owner) NFT Port, try it in discord channel here: use Alchemy JSON RPC in our discord bot server to quickly get new NFT mint status other chain can work too: Avalanche, HECO, Solana, BSC, Harmony, NEAR