RuPaul always asks, what is the future of drag? We say the metaverse. The idea for this hackathon is to strategize and create the V1 of the DragVerse. The goal is to have a dApp where you as an NFT drag (queen, king, monster, etc.) You can build your avatar, offer NFTs and gifts for the community, and so much more in the future. Imagine a place where you can dress, pad, paint... your drag avatar and have a place where you can share or mint NFTs, buy or earn new wigs or make-up, share creations, participate in competitions, give or get tips, and more. This first version is just the start; the goal is to keep building features like a crypto game to earn tokens, participate in events, etc. Our team is full of talent in project management, design, and development experience (Python, C, C++, and more) and knowledge of Solidity and smart contracts. All are passionate about drag art and the inclusion, elevation, and protection of the LGBTQAI+ community.

Dragverse showcase

How it's made

We strategized and mock-up de dApp with Figma. To start, we will use a few base avatars, swappable clothing, shoes, wigs, nails, objects (collectibles), and a user profile. Ideally, we would also love to recreate wallet connection wireframes and NFT showcase if possible. IMPORTANT LINKS: PROTOTYPE