Eggie Planet

Welcome to Eggie Planet, home of the Eggies. They dreamed of being accepted by the other planets in their galaxy, but they were accepted neither as a fruit nor a vegetable, no matter how hard they tried to assimilate.


It started with an eggplant because I thought eggplants were always a funny vegetable-and then I found out it was a fruit that's been misunderstood its whole life. In a society that judges and places stereotypes very readily upon others, Eggies embodies that inner desire to feel like they are welcome and that they belong. The story takes place in a galaxy (far far away, obviously) where Eggie Planet is shunned by all the other fruit planets because they don't believe they belong. Eggies wears many hats in hopes of assimilating, but will eventually realize that they should just be themselves. This project is a fun generative NFT art project that will create a community-driven environment to expand its story into real-world applications such as tv media, books, merch, and possibly giving back to the community as well.

Eggie Planet showcase

How it's made

We started by randomly generating 1000 NFTs and uploading it to IPFS. We created a smart contract with opensea integration and deployed it on Mumbai polygon network. The front-end landing page was made with react and next.js. The solidity contract is located here: and the front-end repo is located here: In the future, we want to implement lazy minting, whitelisting, ERC 1155 token for pre-launch.