Microservice to resolve ENS domains to ERC-721 Token IDs, and viceversa.


@see https://github.com/kupernico/ens-resolver#readme As described in the ENS documentation, .eth registrations can be transferred in the same fashion as other NFTs since they implement the ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard. This project intents to provide a layer of abstraction as a micro service to simplify the resolving of: - ENS domain labels >> NFT ERC721 Token IDs (route /ens/resolver/:domain/erc721) - NFT ERC721 Token IDs >> ENS domain labels (route /ens/resolver/:erc721/domain)

ens-resolver showcase

How it's made

Tech Stack: - Cloudflare Workers using Wrangler to deploy the API service - Ethers.js - The Graph Protocol