The idea of this was to create a decentralized event website that could serve both as membership but after the event the host could give participation gifts after the event. The site serves as a mock of if what an event group could craft for a client. Currently most websites like zola, paperless, minted, and theknot, use just pure email addresses for giving guests access to these event sites. Taking a grander experience, in that the website could hold NFTs from the events starting with thank you cards and could be delivered to the guests as needed. Moving forward there could be video tidbits sorted as well using IPFS.

Exclusive EveNFT showcase

How it's made

This project is hosted on a static site in Fleek and makes use of NFTPort to do the minting and fetching of party gift NFTs. The initial NFT for the party gift was run via a python script. Unlock protocol was used to gate the website to only a small subset of addresses. The NFTs are all minted on the Polygon mainnet.