Advertisers visit to mint a unique QR code that will be used in advertising. Imagine a banner in Times Square and a crowd gathered in the street below, waiting for the unique QR code to appear. The QR code is revealed at the start of the event, at which time customers will capture the QR code, which will direct them to a unique URL with a link to connect their crypto wallet. Once they are connected, tokens will stream to their wallet until the timeframe or assets have hit a max. The dApp can be further customized to allow for increased streaming speed for customers who refer another customer to the stream.

Flashdrop! πŸŽ‰   ( IRL AIRDROP ) showcase

How it's made

We used superfluild to create streams of money. No other way to do that that I know of. I think the deposit to contract that creates streams is a unique way of making things work. We used remix for contracts just to expediently learn and deploy the openzepplen + contracts from Superfluid. We only used one web2 product to store images -> supabase.