As superfluid enables streaming of the ERC20 tokens. FluidNFT is inspired by this concept. Built on top of the superfluid protocol with the aim of bringing streamable NFTs. Unlike ERC20 tokens the ownership of the NFTs cannot be streamed. But the NFT metadata can have numerical values that can be streamed from one NFT to another. Eg: In a game where two game characters are NFT tokens. Using FluildNFTs, one user may heal another user's health by streaming. Similarly, the real-time breeding concept can be implemented by using this concept and many more. In this demo, each NFT has different RGB colors. Then one nft can stream their color values to another nft. Like NFT1 can transfer is all Red colors out of its RGB value to NFT2 and their color is being changed at reatime. In a long term aim of this project is to provide platform for developer to build streamable NFTs

FluidNFTs showcase

How it's made

For this demo, each NFT has metadata of (r,g,b) which represents its image. NFTs are on-chain Nfts that give base64 encoded metadata. Mainly color values r,g,b are the on-chain metadata. Then each r,g,b values are the SuperTokens that can be streamed. So, custom SuperFluildToken is made for each numerical attribute an nft can have. This allows users to stream the nft. Tech Stack: React / Typescript / Hardhat / Solidity Protocol: Superfluid, Polygon & Covalent