One-stop solution that links and distributes with Generative Art. Protocol: polygon. -Generative art and metadata are generated through Hashlips. -Solution to easily mint NFT to target market through NFTPort (upload file to IPFS) -Get contract's NFT data through Covalent.

GAirdropper showcase

How it's made

The backend is made through node.js, and basically the hashlips code is referenced for generative art. Generative art is created through hashlips, and at the same time, the image and metadata are automatically uploaded to ipfs through nftport. In addition, it was intended to implement an one-stop solution that mints it to a specific user. When the corresponding minting process is completed, the transaction and information of the distributed contract may be checked using the covalent api. I tried to link this with the dashboard, but I couldn't implement it until the end due to time. Basically, this hackathon focused on linking nftport with general art.