Gen-I is a Dapp deployed on the Polygon network with the aim of making open source contributions more rewarding and valuable. Incentivizing more and more developers to make meaningful contributions to the FOSS space and making the community stronger! Gen-I allows a project owner to mint custom NFTs for individual commits on a particular repository. These minted NFTs can be transferred to the respective contributor as a token of appreciation for their contribution. These NFTs can be sold, traded, or exchanged as per the contributor's discretion at any point of time in the future. The buyers of these NFTs can be given early access, premium offerings and other such incentives.

GEN-I showcase

How it's made

The front end of this project is built using ReactJS. The etherum-react-boiler plate and react-moralis package are used along with Reactjs as we leverage Moralis and its APIs in the project. The Github API and octokit package is used to get user repositories, commits and contributors. These details are stored in the moralis database. The NFT and marketplace smart contracts are written in solidity. To mint a contribution NFT : The user first selects a repository followed by a commit. The commit hash and link are added to the NFT metadata along with any message the project owner might want to add.