NFT Project: Johnny dApp is the Pirate of the 7 (Open) Seas and sets the sail to find the big treasury across the entire Blockchain. It is a PFP-based NFT Project centered around a community of adventerous web3 pirates. The vision is to navigate through the stormy open seas of the web3 while having a lot of fun. NFT holder become part of a unique community. The roadmap includes IRL Events,NFT airdrops (parrot, ship), building an seven seas metaverse and P2P games (treasure hunt, battle ships).

Johnny dApp showcase

How it's made

The project has 3 components: 1) The generative art 2) Smart contract 3) Mint Webpage. For all 3 components tutorials and resources from hashlips have been utilized. 1) Generative Art: The Artwork was design in Adobe Illustrator in 13 different layers. These layers are permutated using a node.js script with different rarities of the traits. In total 777 unque PFP have been generated. This files and meta data was hosted on pinata/IPFS. 2) Smart contract was written in Solidity based on a hashlip and Open Zepelin Templatey. The Deployment of the smart contract was done using harthad and the alchemy api. We used the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnetwork for development purposes and aim to launch it finally in the Polygon Blockchain. 3) The mint page was developed using React and Javascript. The assets and artwork have been done in illustrator and were embedded in the App. Web3.JS was used to interact with the smart contract.