Volunteer membership NFT that receives a constant stream of funds from donation campaigns. KitaJaga is a P2P charity and Volunteer platform that allows people to request or provide help by geotagging their request onto a map to allow people to see. This project aims to bridge the help provided to those who needed it by incentivizing volunteers and runners by being on the ground and helping them physically. These NFT automatically grant them a stream of constant flow of funds to their wallet, Once the job is done or the campaign is done, KitaJaga will stop the stream and that NFT will be their proof of charity work and may unlock future-benefits

KitaJaga Volunteer Stream Money NFT showcase

How it's made

The project uses Superfluid Protocol for streaming constant flow of cash, Moralis to capture events, and RPC URL and provider. The NFT contract works directly with CFA and the HOST contract of superfluid allows the change of stream of money based on the NFT ownership. This allows the incentive layer for volunteers to do work on the ground